Farris Completes Projects for PNDC

Penn-Northwest Development Corporation (PNDC) is an agency whose goal is to bring new businesses to Mercer County by connecting them with government programs such as loans, tax incentives and low-cost land.

PNDC selected Farris Marketing for several initiatives to help them achieve that goal. Farris created a microwebsite (MakeItInMercerCounty.com) that gives details on how companies wishing to expand their business can benefit from the programs available through PNDC. The website features a Qualification Estimator than enables companies to enter information about their firms and receive customized responses.

Like all Farris-built websites, the PNDC site is mobile-responsive, meaning it is easily viewed and navigated on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Farris has also developed mailing campaigns and other outreach efforts on behalf of PNDC.

Farris Marketing is a full-service marketing organization based in Boardman. It was founded in 1982 and can be found at www.FarrisMarketing.com.