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Our clients’ campaigns succeed faster because we know what works — and what doesn’t. With 30 years of experience, working with all types of businesses and non-profits, the guess work has been eliminated. You can take advantage of our track record of success and skip the trial and error. Succeed faster with Farris Marketing.

ON THE LEFT – a short video presenting some of the clients Farris helped succeed faster.

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Handling Media Interviews Like A Pro

“Scott, did you murder your wife?” shouted the reporter. Scott Peterson ignored the question and hurr…

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As #Marketing professionals, we must create desire for our client's products and make it easy for customers to satisfy that desire.
George Farris
CEO, Farris Marketing

Recent Projects

No matter what the format, every marketing project Farris Marketing develops will seek to Inform, Engage and Convince your prospects, clients and stakeholders to Take Action.  That action might be viewing your website, supporting your cause or buying your product or service.

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