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Marketing That Makes A Difference is a free video and blog series that explores the most effective strategy and messages for your marketing.

We draw on 30-years of successful experiences, as well as the latest technology and trends.

If you are a CEO, business owner, marketing manager or professional communicator for a company or non-profit organization with $1-50 million in revenue, this free informational series is for you.

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Our Services

Brand Assessment

Kickstart Growth with a Brand Assessment from Farris We combine the eyes and ears of our experienced marketing team with the latest technology to give you the most accurate and helpful overview of your brand and your market you can get.  With the … read more


It’s been said that the biggest barrier to learning is thinking you already know. Farris Marketing offers full research services that can help you learn how your company (as well as your competition) is currently perceived , what your customers and … read more

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a critical step for marketing your organization, its products or services. This step pulls together the results of research, considers your resources and then maps out a step-by-step plan for accomplishing your marketing goals. Farris Marketing often … read more


Reaching your target audience with your firm’s or non-profit’s marketing message is a multi-step process. When all the creative work has been completed, one important step remains: how to get your name, and information about your products and services, “out … read more


We’ve come a long way since newspaper ads, baby. But we still do those — along with billboards, sales materials, direct mail and other award-winning materials. Let us pump up your print materials today. Thanks to our award-winning design team, … read more

Video Production

TV and radio commericials by Farris stand out – not just because they’re entertaining and remembered, but because they have IMPACT. Combined with our in-house media buying, Farris TV and radio spots get the results you need. When your TV spot … read more

Mobile Optimized Websites

Did you know that 55% of American adults own a smartphone, and 44% own a tablet? So it’s not surprising that 65% of people who go to your website the first time use one of these devices. The Problem The … read more


Farris has the best team anywhere for creating websites that get bottom-line results. Everything is handled in-house: research, writing, design, animation, SEO and functionality. Farris Marketing’s web development team combines 30 years of marketing experience with the most advanced internet … read more


If your website or videos or commercials don’t make use of 3-D animation, you may be missing one of the most effective and attention-getting marketing tools available. Call or email for more information. Move over Pixar. Farris Marketing is not … read more