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Why, Oh Why Do Girls and Guys Buy?

It’s 6:11 a.m. on a weekday. I’m at Creekside Fitness Center. I’ve just finished some warm-up cardio on the elliptical thingy.

I shuffle over to the free weights while waiting for my “adrenaline rush” energy drink to give me enough adrenaline or energy to avoid being embarrassed by the other weightlifters. No dice.

I strike up a conversation with my buddy Joe about the pepper and egg “samich” (a.k.a. sandwich) we each bought at the Italian Fest. If anything gets my mind off of a tough workout, it’s food. Maybe that’s why I need the workout.

I ask Joe if he remembers how much the samich cost. “I dunno,” he says. “How much was yours?” “I dunno,” I reply. “But I’ll bet your wife knows.”

Joe’s wife was on a treadmill nearby and didn’t hesitate when we asked her the price. “$4.50,” she says. “You’re not gonna get one for breakfast, are you?”

POINT: Men don’t seem to remember what most ordinary things cost. But women do. Men and women think differently. So we must sell to women differently than we sell to men.

I suspect that women pay more attention to how they spend their money. It seems like men spend whatever is in their pockets. When they run out, they wait until their next paycheck.

Men don’t respond as often or as well to advertised sales. They sense a need for something, then wander into a store and “hunt” for what they need. Sure they try to get the best price — but then they buy it and leave. Browsing is rare. Making a purchase in record time is a priority.

Men seem to respond more to convenient locations, billboards, in-store signs and in-store displays. Pile it high and watch them buy. And men seem to be suckers for a good sales pitch.

I’m what’s known as a “salesman’s dream.” I get so wrapped up in a good sales pitch that I buy anything, just because I admire their technique. I’ve bought cars, windows and every investment gimmick ever sold from good salespeople.

Women are more skeptical of salespeople. They research large purchases a bit more. They shop around more for a better deal.

At first glance they appear to be “smarter” consumers. That’s a fallacy — a modern-day fairy tale. Women are not tighter or reluctant to spend when it comes to things they want and need.

Women are NOT tougher to sell — you just have to know how to sell to them. And the top department stores and fashion and home goods retailers know exactly how to do that.

For all their skepticism, women seem to be MORE responsive to advertising — especially incentive advertising. They use the majority of coupons and register for discounts online. And wow, do they respond to a “sale”…and free makeup bags…and $10 off a $30 purchase…and — well, you get the idea.

Selling to men? Pile it high in a big display. Selling to women? Send out coupons. OK, that’s oversimplifying. But I’ll give you more details later — right now, I gotta scrounge up $4.50 and get another pepper and egg samich.

Stay tuned and stay smart. ##

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