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I know a homeowner that had a persistent squeak in a floorboard. No matter what he tried — glue, nails — nothing worked. After months of aggravation, he called a carpenter who friends said was a true craftsman. 
The craftsman walked into the room and heard the squeak. He set down his toolbox, pulled out a hammer and nail, and pounded the nail into the floor with three blows. 
The squeak was gone forever.
The carpenter packed up his hammer, turned and handed the homeowner an invoice he had already printed. The homeowner looked at the invoice, was a little shocked at first, then smiled and wrote the check.
What did the invoice say?
Hammering: $5
Knowing where to hammer: $95
Total due: $100.
In this story from a book by my friend Harry Beckwith, the carpenter used one short line on his invoice, “knowing where to hammer” to position himself as an expert worth the money. 
The result was a satisfied customer, and a carpenter who got the fee he needed.
It’s called “Results Positioning.”  And it’s not just some industry buzzword. It’s communicating to get the results you need.
If you are fearful of charging as much as you need to charge, part of the problem may be your positioning.
Short-term — use this story to explain to your sales force (and your customers) why you deserve the fees you charge.
Long-term — make sure your marketing materials, website and presentations position your firm as being “worth the money”. If you need help, let me know.
Stay tuned and stay smart. ##

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