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Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

…and what can businesses learn from them.
Marketing is the art and science of selling. So why does a non-profit organization need marketing? After all, in many cases a non-profit is giving away its services, not charging for them.
Non-profits use marketing to:
of their services. Many times the target audience is not aware a service is available. Users may need to be convinced of the value or why they might need it. They may need to know when or where or how to obtain it.
…INFORM THE PUBLIC, because when the public is aware of the work they do, non-profits receive warmer welcomes from neighbors, more favorable press coverage, and more opportunities for grants, volunteers and other resources.
…ASK FOR DONATIONS by giving individuals, foundations and corporations a compelling reason to donate money — which the non-profit, in turn, gives away in some form or another. Think that’s easy? It’s not.
…COMPETE with many other worthy non-profits for donation dollars, resources and volunteers. Meanwhile, all non-profits must compete with complacency. It’s easier for the public to do nothing than donate time or money to a non-profit.
Farris Marketing has worked with more than 30 non-profit organizations. You may have seen our work for The Rescue Mission, The Public Library, MYCAP or Voices for Children. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve helped non-profits create awareness and raise funds for everything from autism to animal safety. Experience has showed us what works…and what doesn’t.
…HIGH PERFORMANCE. Some non-profits aren’t guaranteed funding next month, let alone next year. So they must perform at high levels every day. They give it all they have, day in and day out. That gets noticed.
…SELL WITH EMOTION. Non-profits know how to do this (at least the successful ones do). They don’t just ask for a donation…they MOVE the audience with real-life examples.
…PROBLEM/SOLUTION. Successful non-profits present the problem and the solution (sound familiar?). And they show examples of how your donation has resulted in success — or at least progress.
…IN TOUCH. Non-profits know the value of a good list. They keep in contact with individuals and firms that support them. Newsletters, meetings and committees keep people involved and dollars coming in.
One way to get better at marketing your business is to learn from successful non-profits. Then thank them for the lessons by making a donation.
Stay Tuned and Stay Smart.

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