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How the 163-Year-Old Canfield Fair Is Connecting With Young People

“I remember when my friend ate 30 caramel apples at the Fair.” said Matt Baird. “Has to be a record.” Well, that would have been a sight to see (OK, at least until the friend got sick) — but it took place many years ago, and the only people who saw it were right there at the time.


If that “record-setting” event took place at the 2009 Canfield Fair, Matt could have taken a picture or video with his cell phone and sent it to the Fair’s website. Then it could have been viewed by thousands of viewers on Flickr, YouTube and Facebook.

The Fair might have even sent out a Tweet to let its followers know they should look for the video or photo. Yes, the Canfield Fair is on Twitter. What’s going on?


There are not many events that are more steeped in tradition than the Canfield Fair, but the Fair’s Board of Directors wanted to keep those traditions expanding among the younger generations. Their first step, as Farris recommended, was a survey — an ONLINE survey, taken this spring.

The Fair received hundreds of responses, with many great comments and lots of support. The best things about the Fair? The vast majority of responses listed family, friends, fun and food. Many mentioned planning family and friend reunions around the fair. And the food was mentioned over and over.


What survey respondents said was important, but the medium they used to say it was even more important. Additional research showed that most of the Fair’s audience can be, and wants to be, reached ONLINE. A surprising percentage of online responses came from people over 70. And many of the younger audience connect with other events like concerts online via social media. So why not the Fair?

Ultimate eMarketing WORKS FOR THE FAIR

The Fair may have an exhibit of steam-powered tractors on the Fairgrounds, but it knows the advantages of Ultimate eMarketing as well. It’s been using eCommerce for years to sell concert tickets and gate passes.

Farris is working with the Fair to help it use other Ultimate eMarketing assets. The first edition of its new eNewsletter (The Rooster Report) went out last month. And the new website we created for the fair (www.CanfieldFair.com) features eVideos as well.


To connect with the younger generation, we created Flickr, YouTube and Facebook pages for the Fair. There’s not much on them now, but visitors are being asked to send their personal photos, videos and “Fair Stories” in so everyone can view them during and long after the Fair. eVideo inter-views shot during the Fair will be posted on YouTube within hours.


The Fair is smart to be using Ultimate eMarketing and social media to connect with current and future customers. They’re communicating the way their customers want them to communicate, and creating an “online community” of fans.

You can connect with your company’s or organization’s fans, too. You don’t have to eat 30 caramel apples and put the video on YouTube. But then again, if you want to try for 31….

Stay tuned and stay smart.

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