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20 Things Research Will Tell You. Two Things It Won’t.

If you don’t conduct research, if you don’t ask the “dumb” questions…YOU are dumb. 
Ordinary organizations don’t ask the questions they should be asking. Why? Because they believe
  1. they already know the answers, or 
  2. the answers are not important, or
  3. it’s too difficult to get answers, or
  4. it’s too expensive.
All of these beliefs are wrong.
Smart organizations know that research leads to:
  • increased revenue
  • security
  • wiser decisions
  • improvements in service
  • a better image
  • higher awareness
  • increased value to community and stakeholders
  • improved employee morale
  • easier recruiting
There is no excuse for not making research a part of your marketing program. It’s relatively inexpensive, and always returns valuable information. Research methods are now so refined, you can even get results in real time (at least from Farris). You can have surveys conducted, tabulated and analyzed — and recommendations made — in a few weeks.
  1. How your customers and prospects “rank” you against your competitors.
  2. Why the top firm holds that spot.
  3. Whether a new product or service is likely to sell.
  4. What the price should be.
  5. Where your prospects look first for your type of product.
  6. When they look — what happened to make them look at this time.
  7. What customers like about your product, service, store or organization.
  8. What they don’t like.
  9. What made them come in in the first place.
  10. Why they keep coming back.
  11. Why and when they use your competitors.
  12. What you can do to get existing customers to buy more often. 
  13. What prospects think of when they see the name of your organization.
  14. Why they think what they think.
  15. Whether a levy can pass or candidate can win.
  16. What needs to be done to help a levy pass or a candidate win.
  17. Which media will work best for you.
  18. Which media would be the worst.
  19. The most profitable market for you.
  20. The size of the market and what will attract business from it.
  21. How many more weeks of winter are left. (I’m kidding…just making sure you’re paying attention!)
  1. The exact dollar amount your should budget for marketing.
  2. Why the Browns can never get to the playoffs (sigh). Oops, I mean: The one phrase or message that will work forever. 
Stay Tuned and Stay Smart.
Hey! Smart Readers — 
Paul Gregory, Jim (The Liquidator) Farris, Jeff Barone, Patty Rose

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George Farris is CEO and Senior Brand Coach at Farris Marketing. Connect with George on LinkedIn using the icons above.

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