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17 Simple Marketing Tips for 2017

As you head into 2017, remember that some of the best and most effective marketing tips are often also the most simple. Here is list of my simple-but-effective tips. Not every tip applies to organization but there are at least several that will apply to you. Keep them handy for quick reference.

1. No Silver Bullet

There is no one miracle tag line, message or media that is going to make your brand a superstar. Your need an arsenal of tools, not just one, plus professional advice and… oh, yea, a budget.

2. Blow Up Your Brand

If sales are slow, awareness is low and morale even lower, blow up your brand — like a big balloon in the minds of your market. The fastest way to do that is with an exciting new campaign. Start over, increase media and build excitement.

3. Inform Staff First

Never start a new campaign without showing and engaging your own employees first.

4. Best Message Wins

The Trump campaign was outspent by a “huge” margin on media. But a better message can often beat a larger media budget. Does your message “Trump” your competitor’s?

5. Familiarity Rules

Most people will buy what they have seen or heard of before over brands with equal attributes. Increasing frequency of ads creates the brand awareness — and familiarity you want.

6. Traditional Rocks

Traditional media has a bigger impact and recall than social media resulting in higher response rates.

7. Pay It Social

Paid social media advertising is seen and shared by more. It gets better response than organic posts and it’s inexpensive.

8. Smile

research proves that smiles getter a better response in advertising and in person. Your ads should feature happy people and your locations should have people who are naturally friendly.

9. Be Different instead of Better

It’s a lot easier to convince people that your product or service is different than better. And in many cases that’s all that’s needed for that first purchase.

10. Have a real Social Media Plan

Although it can appear to be spontaneous, you should treat social media like traditional media. It needs a real plan. Plan every message including the timing of posts.

11. Use the Power of New

“New” is still the second most attention-getting word in advertising. What’s the first? “Free.”

12. Remember Research

You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Use social media and online surveys.

13. Give It Away

Promote your expertise on social media by giving free advice with sample seminars, lessons and advice on video or in text.

14. Discounts

Everybody wants a deal. Coupons and discount days are proven to increase sales. 25-to 45-year-olds use more coupons than any other age group.

15. Exploit the Experience

with more commerce happening online, you need to exploit any face-to-face opportunity you get. Do all your can to make sure customers enjoy and remember your great service, product and buying experience.

16. Cultivate Reviews and Ratings

Remind happy customers to post their good experiences online and give you a good rating. Make it easy. Provide links. Thank and incentivize them.

17. Build Your Brain, Then Your Brand

Your best resource is you. Functioning at your peak is critical to producing great marketing. There are four personal practices that can keep you physically and mentally at your peak:

  • Enough sleep.
  • Eating right.
  • Daily Exercise.
  • Mindfulness/Meditation (I call this “brain training”).


Happy Holidays. I hope you have a profitable year of growth in 2017.

About The Author

  • Author | George Farris
George Farris is CEO and Senior Brand Coach at Farris Marketing. Connect with George on LinkedIn using the icons above.

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