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Superhero Marketing For Us Mortals

Faster than streaming video. More powerful than a Donald Trump Tweet. Able to leap annual sales records in a single weekend. Look! Up in the sky. It’s a drone. A boosted Facebook post. Wait… It’s Superhero Marketing!

Yes, it’s Superhero Marketing, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of normal PR hacks. Superhero Marketing, who can change the course of retail advertising, create direct response in her bare hands. And who, disguised as Clarissa Kent, mild-mannered marketing director for a great metropolitan ad agency fights a never ending battle for reach, frequency and the American consumer. And now, another exciting episode in the adventures of Superhero Marketing:

OK, there is no character known as “Superhero Marketing” yet, but, just in case, I call “dibs” and copyright George Farris. But the amazing power that Superheroes is still very real and very impressive. Since they debuted in 1930’s comic books, superheroes have grown from a U.S. audience comprised mostly of 8-12 year-old boys, to a world-wide, billion-dollar revenue generator popular with all ages and genders.

So what can we mere mortals learn from the superheroes and their promoters to use in our marketing plans? Plenty. Here are some examples:

Keep focused and persevere

Did Captain America quit fighting evil when Cap’s best friend Bucky fell off a rocket ship and into oblivion? No, he kept focused and persevered. And so should you. You will have many distractions and challenges, especially if you are both the business owner or manager as well as being in charge of marketing. Keep focused and moving forward.

There is always a solution

Every problem on every planet has at least one.

Keep the Message Simple

“Up, up and away.” worked for decades for Superman. Your positioning can be memorable also, just keep it simple and repeat it often.

Build a Team to Help You

Not even Batman works alone anymore.

Winning is still important

It’s a fact that the product that wins the taste test or gets the highest consumer ratings, gains sales. The market likes winners.

Recycle good ideas and story lines

Superhero stories and scripts are basically the same “good vs evil” theme adapted for each new generation. Do the same with your story.

Spin off and expand popular product lines

From comic books to TV shows, movies, toys and video games, Superman and Batman’s popularity spawned dozens of new characters, team members and even villains with their own product lines. If the market wants more — you can give it to them with spin offs, new models and special editions.

Appeal to multiple generations

Look for ways to make your product or service a “legacy” item that can be passed on to the next generation. Sometimes that involves your relationships with the customer and their families.

Create stories with heroes

Testimonials, where your product or service has saved the day for customers, clients or the community, are still both extremely popular and effective. But it’s not easy to research, develop and produce a great testimonial campaign. Finding the right candidates, filming, dealing with confidentiality and other issues can make the process difficult. But when you are able to cast your organization as the hero in stories that solve problems, all the effort is worth it.

Tune in next time, and remember… with the right marketing approach, even we mere mortals can save the day and become superheroes to our customers

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  • Author | George Farris
George Farris is CEO and Senior Brand Coach at Farris Marketing. Connect with George on LinkedIn using the icons above.

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