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Makenna Ozenghar Joins Farris Marketing Team

Farris Marketing is pleased to welcome its newest employee, Makenna Ozenghar. Ms. Ozenghar will serve as an Account Manager and Social Media/Digital Marketing Specialist.

Makenna Ozenghar received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2019 from Capital University in Columbus, with a double major in Communications and Public Relations and a minor in Business Management. She was named to the President’s List in the fall of 2018 and the Provost’s List in spring of 2018. Ms. Ozenghar also won the Best Presenter Award for a Capital University marketing project.

She previously served as Marketing Coordinator for Makoz Marketing, where she created an managed a self start-up marketing venture for small business owners. She was also a Business Development Intern for the City of Youngstown Community Planning and Economic Development.

Ms. Ozenghar is a graduate of Cardinal Mooney High School and lives in Youngstown.

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