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Research, Surveys and Insights


Interactive Online Survey

with development processing and tabulation of up to 100 surveys for just $399.

What’s Included—

  • 30-day campaign
  • Weekly reports
  • Eight questions with up to five multiple-choice answers each using our template or creating your own
  • Area for comments
  • Respondent background (name, gender, age, location, etc.)
  • Answers are associated with the respondent
  • Tabulated summary of answers — % and number
  • Social media posts — graphics and text encouraging participation
  • Email letter — email template encouraging participation


Step 1: Book a phone call to get started or schedule a demo

Step 2: Farris Marketing will

  • Help you develop the right questions and answers
  • Put questions in the final format for your approval
  • Create an interactive online survey
  • Generate and send you a link to the survey

Step 3: Your organization will then post the Survey information and link on social media, on your website, and via email

Step 4: Farris Marketing will

  • Gather and tabulate answers from all surveys
  • Produce weekly reports
  • Collate and send a Summary of Survey Responses


Pricing and Payments

100 Surveys for just $399

50% due in advance, 50% due upon conclusion

Additional Options:

  • Add more survey questions
  • Keep your survey live longer
  • Expand promotion
  • Receive analysis of the Summary of Survey Responses
  • Receive Marketing recommendations based on the Summary of Survey Responses

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  • Q: Where will my survey be hosted?
    • On our dedicated survey site — ValleyOpinion.com
  • Q: How will I know who to send the survey link to?
    • Based on your organization’s goals, you can send the link to existing or potential customers. For additional costs, Farris Marketing will assist you in determining your target audience.
  • Q: How long will my survey remain live?
    • For the $399 price, we will leave your survey live for 30 days. If you would like it to be left live longer,  please let us know your timeframe.
  • Q: What’s included in the Demo call?
    • Scheduling a demo will include a 15-minute Zoom call with a Farris team member. We will go more in-depth about the offerings, what the survey will look like through our dedicated survey site, how survey results are presented and answer any additional questions you may have before getting started.
  • Q: Once I schedule a call to Get Started, what happens next?
    • A Farris team member will reach out to schedule the onboarding call. This will include gathering insight about your organization, discussing the goals of your survey, going over timelines, and more.

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