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Video Production

TV and radio commericials by Farris stand out – not just because they’re entertaining and remembered, but because they have IMPACT. Combined with our in-house media buying, Farris TV and radio spots get the results you need.

When your TV spot has finished airing, how many people remember it? More importantly, how many people respond?

Of all the marketing media, TV is perhaps the most misused and misunderstood. Non-profit, healthcare and service organizations are often airing the wrong message, or one that is so bland it fades into the background. Farris Marketing has developed hundreds of successful TV spots for businesses, non-profit organizations, products and services.

The spots are memorable, call people to action and generate a response. Isn’t that what you want your spots to do? Contact Farris Marketing today to learn how you can have TV spots that get remembered and get results.

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