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Ten Marketing Tips From Your Dog

American’s love dogs. More than 83 million of our four-legged friends call the U.S. their home. Well, they would if they could talk.

The percentage of U.S. households with dogs has tripled since the 1970s. According to the American Pet Products Association, 47 percent of American households now own at least one dog.

I would think this increase in dog ownership also means the economy is doing better. After all, Americans spent over $50 billion on pets. They paid big bucks to feed, groom, provide healthcare and even entertain their pets.

Entertaining a dog (Wait…aren’t they supposed to entertain us? I knew they were taking over.) might require chew toys, other pets, a human sitter, a walking service, a day vacation at a pet hotel, or even TV.

Yes, that’s right — DogTV debuted last summer. I hope their shows are better than most of those on human TV.

Clearly, marketing to dog owners has been lucrative. What have we learned from the little canine darlings themselves? Quite a bit.

In fact, I’ve found that if you shamelessly adapt the cliché dog quotes you see on every dog calendar and every other Facebook post, you can find at least Ten Marketing Tips From Your Dog. And here they are:

Dog Quote 1: If you don’t think money can buy happiness, you’ve never bought a puppy.
Marketing Tip 1: The key to success in advertising is offering happiness, or hope for happiness, in all your ads.

Dog Quote 2: Dogs don’t trust strangers, and can tell when they’re up to no good.
Marketing Tip 2: Repetition and frequency of your advertising schedule helps consumers to know you and builds trust in your organization.

Dog Quote 3: When someone comes home, the dog is always there to greet them at the door.
Marketing Tip 3: Make sure you greet your customers when they come in the door to make them feel welcome.

Dog Quote 4: When the dog greets you at the door he/she acts happy to see you.
Marketing Tip 4: When you greet your customers at the door, act happy to see them.

Dog Quote 5: A dog can express a lot by just wagging his tail.
Marketing Tip 5: Use just one key message in each marketing effort, but make sure it stands out.

Dog Quote 6: If you want your favorite bone, dig until you find it.
Marketing Tip 6: Keep working on your theme and offer until you find the right combination.

Dog Quote 7: Dogs are always curious and interested in the world around them.
Marketing Tip 7: Always watch for the latest and best new media, offers and response techniques.

Dog Quote 8: Dogs are always loyal to their owners.
Marketing Tip 8: Be loyal to your existing customers. Give them the best deals and service before new customers.

Dog Quote 9: Dogs don’t bite when a simple growl will do.
Marketing Tip 9: Customers deserve a second chance if they make a mistake like visiting a competitor.

Dog Quote 10: On hot days, dogs should drink lots of water and take a nap under a shady tree.
Marketing Tip 10: On hot days, humans should drink lots of water and put their heads down on their desks. They’ll do better marketing when they wake up refreshed.

There are lots of reasons dogs are popular in the U.S. They’re friendly and attentive. They’re loyal and they protect us. And sometimes they even listen to us.

When’s the last time you had a marketing advisor that did all that?

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  • Author | George Farris
George Farris is CEO and Senior Brand Coach at Farris Marketing. Connect with George on LinkedIn using the icons above.

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