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Farris Will Create a New Website for Medina Municipal Court

Farris Marketing has been selected to create a new website for the Medina Municipal Court in Medina County, Ohio.

The new site, which is being completely reorganized and redesigned by Farris, will feature easier navigation and greater visual appeal. The website will provide detailed information about the Court’s divisions and their services, as well as many legal resources. Citizens will also able to submit needed information via fillable .pdf forms created by Farris.

Like all Farris-designed websites, the new Medina County Court site will be mobile-optimized so that it will appear and function properly on smartphones and tablets. It will also feature a robust content management system, so that Medina officials will be able to easily make updates to the site.

Farris Marketing is an award-winning team of experts in market research, strategy, writing, video, design, media, consumer insight and web technology. Founded in 1982, Boardman-based Farris is the most experienced marketing firm in the area, having developed and managed projects for companies and non-profits in 18 states and four different countries.

Farris teaches organizations how to stand out and connect with their target audience. Farris gives clients tools that help them influence and add value, change opinions, and move the target audience to learn more, endorse, donate, volunteer, participate or purchase the client’s offering.

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