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Farris Creates New Identity, Rebranding Initiatives for the Former D&E Counseling Center

D&E Counseling Center has been providing services to Mahoning Valley children and teens and their families since 1970. In July 2015, D&E assumed the administration of the Head Start/Early Head Start program for Mahoning County. It became clear that the agency needed a new name that would encompass all of its services.

Farris developed a new identity, Alta Care Group, which encompasses two divisions: Alta Behavioral Health and Alta Head Start. A host of rebranding initiatives followed, including:

  • a dynamic new website for Alta Behavioral Health Care
  • TV spots for Alta Behavioral Health Care
  • a recruiting (enrollment) campaign for Alta Head Start that encompasses TV spots, billboards and a new website
  • several brochures focusing on individual programs offered by Alta

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