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Farris creates “Discover the Love” campaign for Lillo

Premium Infused Spirits, LLC., makers of Lillo Limoncello and Lillo Coffee Liqueurs, selected Farris Marketing of Boardman for branding and social media marketing.

The story of Lillo began more than two decades ago when two Italian priests presented one of the Lillo founders with a generation’s old recipe from their shared homeland of Italy. The recipe was a spirited beverage infused with alcohol, tree-ripened lemons, and a few other natural ingredients. Over the next 20 years, the recipe was perfected and Lillo Limoncello Liqueur was born.

Along with its Limoncello Liqueur, Lillo has also introduced its Coffee Liqueur which is a Silver Medal winner in a national competition. Both Liqueurs can be enjoyed alone or can be combined with your favorite mixer or beer. You can find tasty recipes for every occasion on Ilovelillo.com.

The initial marketing campaign, “Discover the Love,” will debut in September.

“We are very proud and excited to work with Lillo’s ownership to market this Ohio-based brand that is locally made,” says George Farris, CEO of Farris Marketing. “Charlie Manno, Denio Leone, and Dave Norris have a quality product that has captured the hearts and taste buds of premium liqueur enthusiasts. We plan to build on their customer base and share their love of Lillo.”

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