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The Value of Marketing for Non-profits

In this edition of “Marketing That Makes a Difference,” George Farris discusses the value of marketing for non-profit organizations with Heidi Daniel, director of The Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County

The Library is a long-time Farris Marketing client. Heidi has appeared in many Farris-produced Library TV commercials and is affectionately known as “That Library Lady” by many residents,

In 2015, Heidi was named Ohio Librarian of the Year — an honor well deserved. Heidi is an enthusiastic master communicator. She believes that marketing can make a difference by helping to build awareness and value in the Library’s brand. Marketing has also opened doors for Library partnerships with other organizations.

The Public Library of Youngstown is a much valued organization in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio. With 16 locations as well as temporary “pop up” Libraries and a strong web presence, The Library serves many residents in many ways on any given day.

Library branches have meeting rooms and spaces for organizations and even family get togethers. Books, online resources, job and tutoring services and a parade of children’s services makes the Library a part of everyone’s life.

Learn more about the Library at www.LibraryVisit.org

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