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Why Explainer Videos are 1000x better than an “Elevator Pitch”

Maybe you’ve heard of the “elevator speech,” that quick summation of everything your company is about that you’re supposed to be prepared to deliver on a moment’s notice to a prospect.

Chances are you don’t have one. Just as well, because you don’t need it. What you do need is an Explainer Video, which does the same thing a thousand times better.

George Farris, CEO of Farris Marketing, tells what Explainer Videos are all about and why they’re so effective. You’ll also see short excerpts of Explainer Videos we’ve created for our clients.

A full playlist of Farris Explainer Videos can be found at www.tinyurl.com/farrisexplainer

About The Author

  • Author | George Farris
George Farris is CEO and Senior Brand Coach at Farris Marketing. Connect with George on LinkedIn using the icons above.