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Take Your Turkey and Stuff It

Being thankful is not enough — get your giblets going

That’s how I knew Thanksgiving is coming. You see, we usually host the extended family Turkey Day dinner at our house. My wife plans for days and works for hours cooking a fantastic meal, which we devour in 20 minutes, then plop down to watch the Dallas Cowboys lose the football game. 
I love the meal, having the family over, the great food — and, of course, watching Dallas get beat. 
What I don’t love is the minor redecorating decisions my spouse feels I should be involved in before the event. Picking out paint colors is bad enough, but a few nights ago she had me looking at rugs for the guest bathroom and get this — matching covers for the toilet seat lid. 
Question: Why does a toilet seat lid need a cover? It’s the seat that gets cold, right? 
Anyway, I can’t tell Tan from Saddle — which, I am assured, are different colors. And of course, my suggestion that we make it an Ohio State theme is rejected immediately.
But family gatherings on Thanksgiving are a TRADITION, and a good one — even if there are parts I don’t like.

If there’s anything I like less than pretending I’m interested in the color of a bathroom rug, it’s the attitude that many non-retail businesses and non-profit organizations take during the holidays.
Some people think Thanksgiving signals the start of a work slow-down. They start their nap on the couch during the ball game and keep napping at work until January 1st.
If this is the attitude at your organization, you need to have a meeting. I’ve heard the excuse many times that “my prospect is on vacation during the holidays.” That may be true, but for every one that is on vacation, nine more are working. 

The period between Thanksgiving and the first of the year can be very productive — both in terms of planning and relationship-building with customers. DON’T WASTE IT.
The Greek historian Polybius said, “Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; while others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than before.”
I see a lot of clients who allow their marketing and sales staffs to defer goals not made by this point until the first of the year. That is a mistake. I have found many diamonds in the unattended fields during the holidays. 


I hear many people say, “I am truly thankful for any blessings and happiness I have.” To which I reply, “What are you doing about it?” That usually evokes a blank stare.


When things go well, we tend to think it is our reward for our hard work. Baloney. A lot of people work hard. Why are we so focused on what we are GETTING? When is it time to focus more on what we are GIVING? 
Now is that time to focus on work and giving back. Preparing for next year. And helping your organization do the same.
Look at the period between Thanksgiving and December 30 as the final leg of the race. SPRINT to the finish line, don’t walk.
You’ll start the New Year off better, and you may even be a better person.
Stay tuned and stay smart.

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George Farris is CEO and Senior Brand Coach at Farris Marketing. Connect with George on LinkedIn using the icons above.

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