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Farris selected for BSHM Architects Website Revamp

Farris first created a website for the Youngstown- and Columbus-based architectural firm BSHM several years ago. It is now being given a new look and added functionality through technology that will enable company personnel to make additions and changes to the site. An extensive portfolio of over 100 projects the firm has completed is also part of the site.

Like all Farris-designed websites, the new BSHM site will be built with a mobile-responsive design so that it will appear to best advantage on smartphones and tablets.

Farris Marketing is an award-winning team of experts in market research, strategy, writing, video, design, media, consumer insight and web technology. Founded in 1982, Boardman-based Farris is the most experienced marketing firm in the area, having developed and managed projects for companies and non-profits in 18 states and four different countries.

Farris teaches organizations how to stand out and connect with their target audience. Farris gives clients tools that help them influence and add value, change opinions, and move the target audience to learn more, endorse, donate, volunteer, participate or purchase the client’s offering.

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