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Differentiation: The Key to Selling More

Do you believe your company’s product is better than your competitor’s product? If so, do yourself a favor and don’t say that in your marketing. Woah, relax! Don’t get your blood pressure up. Indignation will only lead to an increase in your health insurance rates, not your sales. Your belief …

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How Strong Is Your Social Media? Use This Test To Find Out.

In 2003, a Harvard freshman named Mark Zuckerberg became a campus celebrity by creating FaceMash, a website that students could use to vote on which of two randomly selected Harvard women was more attractive. Not surprisingly, it quickly ran afoul of both the administration and several women’s groups. Still, the …

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Research, Surveys and Insights

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Interactive Online Survey with development processing and tabulation of up to 100 surveys for just $399. What’s Included— 30-day campaign Weekly reports Eight questions with up to five multiple-choice answers each using our template or creating your own Area for comments Respondent background (name, gender, age, location, …

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