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Always Bring A Gun To A Sword Fight

There’s a scene in the blockbuster movie Raiders of the Lost Ark that everyone loves. Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, has just arrived in Cairo when his partner Marion Ravenwood is kidnapped by the Nazis. Indy starts running through a crowded Egyptian bazaar, desperately searching for her. Suddenly, the …

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Super Bowl Advertising – All About That Base

What was the best TV commercial during Super Bowl XLIX? What was the worst? Depending on who you ask and what criteria you use to judge the spots, the opinions differ quite a bit. So sometimes it helps to look at the overriding themes. One theme you might have noticed …

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The Only Marketing Plan You’ll Ever Need

Yes, this is the only marketing plan you’ll ever need — and if it seems simple, that’s because it is. But even though it’s simple, it’s not easy. In fact, this plan is a real challenge. And remember, this just the bones; you have to add the meat. If you’re …

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Building Blocks For Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations play a critical role in in America. The dynamics of their growth are unique and different than commercial, for-profit ventures. But they become more alike once the non-profit organization grows to a certain level. As few as ten years ago, branding, marketing and paid advertising was rarely discussed, …

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Christmas Creep Starts Earlier Every Year

“Did you get my letter Santa?,” my kids would ask. “Of course!” he would lie. Then he’d wink at us parents and say, “But Santa gets so many letters, it’s hard to remember. Why don’t you tell me what you asked for?” Typically, Santa would officially arrive in most large …

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