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Nike’s Secret: You Can’t Just Do It.

If you’re interested in marketing, you know about Nike. Or, at least you think you do. You’ve probably followed, watched and maybe even tried to emulate Nike’s edgy ads and clever marketing campaigns. You may even know that the iconic Nike logo was developed by a free-lancer who did occasional …

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The Discomfort Zone — If You Want to Win, You Have to Go In

When Ike and Tina Turner recorded “Proud Mary” in 1970, Tina added these words to the beginning — “Well ya’ know, every now and then, I think you might like to hear something from us ‘nice and easy.’ But there’s just one thing… you see we never, ever, do nothing …

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Message Is King in Presidential Politics

Choosing a leader was much simpler in the first century. You chose the strongest and most ruthless warrior to be your king. The warrior you chose usually had a very simple but powerful message: Pledge your loyalty and part of your earnings to me and I will protect you and …

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Three Key Components for Real Marketing Success

We’ve been marketing consultants for many top companies and non-profit organizations for 30+ years. Very early on, it became clear to us that — when you strip it down and really examine it — there are really three key components to achieving and sustaining real success with your marketing efforts. …

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Has Marketing Gone to the Dogs?

Tell the truth… did you look at the photo of the puppy that accompanies this column before you started reading it? You were probably saying to yourself, “Aww… what a cute puppy.” Some of you bonafide (pun intended) canine lovers were probably using baby talk, and mentally communicating with the …

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What Makes Your Favorite Store Your Favorite?

From an outsider’s standpoint, Store A and Store B are almost identical. They’re in the same market. They carry pretty much the same products. Their prices are just about dead even. Store A is operated and managed in a slightly more efficient manner. You can get in and out in …

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