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The Easy Marketing Strategy That Works

“Go Easy on Me,” Adele sang to her lover.  The Eagles suggested you “Lighten up while you still can….and Take it Easy.” And Lionel Richie was “Easy Like Sunday Morning.” “Easy” is a special and often-used word in every language.  Search “easy” in Google and you’ll get 8.9 billion results …

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Marketing Pot: Challenges and Cash Besides Clever Lines

Buying marijuana is not something Americans are used to doing out in the open. Many recall a scenario in which one friend scored the pot and brought it to his or her friends. Comedians Cheech and Chong had a routine featuring a character named “Dave,” who runs out to buy …

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Is Marketing Really a Form of Mind Control?

The 1962 movie The Manchurian Candidate is a psychological political thriller about the Cold War and sleeper agents. The plot centers on Raymond Shaw, a U.S. soldier in the Korean War who is captured and brainwashed by communists. He is released and returns to civilian life in the United States. …

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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Imagine your 18-year old daughter introduces you to Rowan — her new boyfriend. Rowan has no job or education, but he does have a great collection of tattoos on both arms and several safety pins through his eyebrow.    No daughter? OK, imagine your assistant buzzes you on the intercom and …

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Would the Zoom Freemium Model Grow Your Business?

Sinclair gas stations were cool. The logo featured a green dinosaur and the local station had a giant blow up of the “Dino” mascot tethered to its sign.  When I was nine, I’d go cruise in to the Sinclair near my home on my bike to put air in my …

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Nothing New to Sell? Sell It Used

“Hello this is Tradio, are you buying or selling?” says the radio DJ. “I’m selling a five-horsepower lawnmower from Sears. It’s six years old and in good condition. I’ll take $35 or best offer.” replies the caller. “Thank you, Hello this is Tradio, are you buying or selling?” the DJ …

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