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Website Designer/Developer Wanted

WE’RE HIRING! FULL TIME POSITION OPEN AT FARRIS. APPLY NOW. We are looking for a creative person, an innovative thinker and tech lover. You need a good work ethic and relationship skills, who can build, maintain and update consumer-friendly websites for our clients.  This is a full-time position with the …

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Innovation is Great…If You Can Sell It

William Morrison emigrated from Scotland to America in 1880. He was a watchmaker by trade, but an innovator by DNA. Like other inventors of his era, he wanted to build a horseless carriage. But unlike other early automobiles, Morrison’s was powered by battery, not a combustion engine. Morrison’s electric vehicle …

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Does Creativity Still Matter in Marketing?

Baby pictures. We’ve all seen them. When a new parent or grandparent sticks that smartphone under your nose to show you their precious darling, you automatically start to spit out compliments. “He’s definitely his father’s son,” you say, as the proud papa swipes through the first 200 digital images for …

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Farris creates “Discover the Love” campaign for Lillo

Premium Infused Spirits, LLC., makers of Lillo Limoncello and Lillo Coffee Liqueurs, selected Farris Marketing of Boardman for branding and social media marketing. The story of Lillo began more than two decades ago when two Italian priests presented one of the Lillo founders with a generation’s old recipe from their …

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Slang in Ads: Is it Tight or Wack?

I admit I was excited. Six months ago, I bought a new refrigerator, but because of the pandemic, it took three months to come in. The store sent two younger guys to deliver the shiny new appliance to my house. The new fridge was a lot bigger than the old …

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YouTube: Modern Version of Cave Painting

It’s sometime during the Paleolithic Age (aka the Stone Age) near what is now Spain. A cavewoman named Canta and caveman named Lopa are spear fishing in a river. “So Lopa,” says Canta, “What’s new?” “Same ol’, same ol’ for me.” replies Lopa. “But some of our friends saw one …

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