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Would the Zoom Freemium Model Grow Your Business?

Sinclair gas stations were cool. The logo featured a green dinosaur and the local station had a giant blow up of the “Dino” mascot tethered to its sign.  When I was nine, I’d go cruise in to the Sinclair near my home on my bike to put air in my …

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Nothing New to Sell? Sell It Used

“Hello this is Tradio, are you buying or selling?” says the radio DJ. “I’m selling a five-horsepower lawnmower from Sears. It’s six years old and in good condition. I’ll take $35 or best offer.” replies the caller. “Thank you, Hello this is Tradio, are you buying or selling?” the DJ …

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Website Designer/Developer Wanted

WE’RE HIRING! FULL TIME POSITION OPEN AT FARRIS. APPLY NOW. We are looking for a creative person, an innovative thinker and tech lover. You need a good work ethic and relationship skills, who can build, maintain and update consumer-friendly websites for our clients.  This is a full-time position with the …

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Innovation is Great…If You Can Sell It

William Morrison emigrated from Scotland to America in 1880. He was a watchmaker by trade, but an innovator by DNA. Like other inventors of his era, he wanted to build a horseless carriage. But unlike other early automobiles, Morrison’s was powered by battery, not a combustion engine. Morrison’s electric vehicle …

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Does Creativity Still Matter in Marketing?

Baby pictures. We’ve all seen them. When a new parent or grandparent sticks that smartphone under your nose to show you their precious darling, you automatically start to spit out compliments. “He’s definitely his father’s son,” you say, as the proud papa swipes through the first 200 digital images for …

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