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Is Marketing Really a Form of Mind Control?

The 1962 movie The Manchurian Candidate is a psychological political thriller about the Cold War and sleeper agents. The plot centers on Raymond Shaw, a U.S. soldier in the Korean War who is captured and brainwashed by communists. He is released and returns to civilian life in the United States. …

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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Imagine your 18-year old daughter introduces you to Rowan — her new boyfriend. Rowan has no job or education, but he does have a great collection of tattoos on both arms and several safety pins through his eyebrow.    No daughter? OK, imagine your assistant buzzes you on the intercom and …

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Would the Zoom Freemium Model Grow Your Business?

Sinclair gas stations were cool. The logo featured a green dinosaur and the local station had a giant blow up of the “Dino” mascot tethered to its sign.  When I was nine, I’d go cruise in to the Sinclair near my home on my bike to put air in my …

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Nothing New to Sell? Sell It Used

“Hello this is Tradio, are you buying or selling?” says the radio DJ. “I’m selling a five-horsepower lawnmower from Sears. It’s six years old and in good condition. I’ll take $35 or best offer.” replies the caller. “Thank you, Hello this is Tradio, are you buying or selling?” the DJ …

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Website Designer/Developer Wanted

WE’RE HIRING! FULL TIME POSITION OPEN AT FARRIS. APPLY NOW. We are looking for a creative person, an innovative thinker and tech lover. You need a good work ethic and relationship skills, who can build, maintain and update consumer-friendly websites for our clients.  This is a full-time position with the …

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Innovation is Great…If You Can Sell It

William Morrison emigrated from Scotland to America in 1880. He was a watchmaker by trade, but an innovator by DNA. Like other inventors of his era, he wanted to build a horseless carriage. But unlike other early automobiles, Morrison’s was powered by battery, not a combustion engine. Morrison’s electric vehicle …

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