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Satire: The Instant Cure for Our Sick Economy

AND ITS A MARKETER’S DREAM COME TRUEI have the cure for this sick, sick economy. And it’s surprisingly simple. This solution will have our economy so strong that in 30 days, every U.S. citizen who wants a job will have one. Demand for consumer goods will be off the charts. …

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Message to Your Prospect: “Trust Me.”

A hapless hiker stops to enjoy the view from the top of a high mountain. Suddenly he loses his footing and slips off the cliff.As he tumbles to a sure death hundreds of feet below, he reaches out and grabs a tree root that’s sticking out of the side of …

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Why, Oh Why Do Girls and Guys Buy?

AT THE GYMIt’s 6:11 a.m. on a weekday. I’m at Creekside Fitness Center. I’ve just finished some warm-up cardio on the elliptical thingy. I shuffle over to the free weights while waiting for my “adrenaline rush” energy drink to give me enough adrenaline or energy to avoid being embarrassed by …

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Uncover Your Breakthrough Message

WHAT SHOULD HE SAY? Looking for a way to garner the affection of a new girl he was dating, a 20-something male enlists the help of his older sister. The sister suggests that she shoot a short video message with his cell phone so he can send it to his …

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