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Marketing: What Works for You

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE DIFFERENT “They don’t respond to the same things other people do,” said my new client Henry. Henry’s firm sells maintenance services to malls and industrial plants. “How are they different?” I asked. “They’re a different breed,” he replied, as if mall managers were misunderstood loners. To be …

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The Best Media for Your Message: You

I was in the office on a cold February afternoon. My mind was mush. That’s worse than the oatmeal consistency it usually has. I needed inspiration and motivation. So as usual, I made popcorn. No, not that microwave bag crap. REAL popcorn, MAN-style popcorn with oil and salt (but no …

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Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

…and what can businesses learn from them.Marketing is the art and science of selling. So why does a non-profit organization need marketing? After all, in many cases a non-profit is giving away its services, not charging for them.Non-profits use marketing to:…INFORM THE USER of their services. Many times the target …

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Letter to a First-Time Business Owner

FOREWORD: Recently, my eldest son, George Phillip Farris went into business for himself. George and his new bride Jennifer returned from their honeymoon and used their wedding gift funds to buy a used septic tank truck and start an environmentally-friendly portable bathroom business. I’m sure that my wife and Jennifer’s …

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If Trump Blogs, You Can Blog

Yes, the Donald Blogs. So how hard can it be? One of my guilty pleasures is watching Celebrity Apprentice. During the first show this season, Trump’s blog (aka web log) was promoted. One entry was titled “Trump’s Economic Survival Tips.” Some of The Donald’s “valuable” tips: Pay attention to…news and …

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Business owners and sales managers often use one or more of the following phrases to explain poor sales:“They customers don’t understand what we offer.”” They don’t get it.”” They don’t see how much we can help them.”I ask the owners and sales managers: “Do you truly offer a distinct VALUE …

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