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Did Delivery Apps ANSWER a Need or CREATE One?

One of the reasons for the global success of McDonald’s is the low price of its food. If the regular menu isn’t cheap enough, there is plenty of selection on the dollar menu. Another reason for McDonald’s success is speed. Whether you go through the drive through or stand at …

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Are Magazines Still a Viable Media Option?

“The report of my death was an exaggeration,” wrote Mark Twain when asked by correspondent about rumors that he was on his deathbed. Likewise, the reports of the death of magazines has been exaggerated. In fact, magazine readership is up, says Statista, online research specialist. There were 225.2 million magazine …

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Influencer Marketing Is Hot — Will It Work for You?

How many types of marketing have you tried in the past ten years? Did you invest time and money into Social Media marketing? How about Google AdWords? Word-of-mouth Marketing? Did any of those make you rich? If you tried using any of these marketing tools without a complete strategy, careful …

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