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Marketers Must Keep Moving During Covid-19

What can marketers do during the COVID-19 health emergency? That’s what every marketing consultant, every member of a marketing department, and every owner, CEO or manager who directs and/or creates marketing for her organization is asking. There is no playbook for this situation, because this specific situation has never been …

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Mike Bloomberg’s $500 Million Marketing Lesson

Lay’s Potato Chips, part of PepsiCo, spent about $100 million on advertising in digital and national TV last year. In return, they received $1.7 billion in sales of the salty snack — making it the top player in the $8 billion potato chip market. Democrat Mike Bloomberg spent about $500 million on advertising his …

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Marketing for Double Invisible Services

I first read Selling The Invisible, a best-selling book by marketing consultant Harry Beckwith, 20 years ago. His book illuminated the difference between selling a product and selling a service. Selling a service can be more of a challenge because you are selling the invisible. The book has become a …

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Farris Helps Whistle & Keg Brand Make Some Noise

Clients Joe and Mike Thomas, owners of Whistle & Keg Brewery and Beer Hall, pose with life-size cutouts created by Farris Marketing for the Youngstown, Cleveland and Columbus locations. The plaques on the cutouts explain how to access Whistle & Keg’s Mile-Long Wall of 50 Taps with WK wristbands and …

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Super Bowl TV Spots — Some Score, Some Fail

26-year old Vanessa watched the TV commercials during the 2020 Super Bowl game so she didn’t have to listen to her boyfriend complain about the lousy officiating. Many viewers watched the spots hoping to be entertained. However, most of the approximately 100 million viewers watched the spots because they didn’t …

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